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Mike C  , Roger  Inniss
Nic Bulostin , Jane Henley Townhouse studios London
Elkie Brooks , Mike C , soundcheck
Testing : Eric Bouchers'  Altuglass guitar and Popa Chubbys' custom Guitar garage Tele  with Bare knuckle pick ups.

At  Ray Davies 'The Kinks' Konk studios London
Suzie Quatro sessions
Geoff Whitehorn with Altuglass guitar
With Mike Richardson, Jony Dyke
with Robben Ford
With Jean Roussel , Mike Richardson , Jony Dyke
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In memory of Mike Smith
Namibian Singer/songwriter
Mike C , Jony Dyke, Mike Smith, Mike Richardson
Backstage Barnstaple UK 2003
Art photos by David Sypniewski


TBC RogMikEnzo gig in July

TBC French gigs with Jean Roussel

TBC Bareknuckle pickups demo with Roger Inniss

TBC Master Class : Guitar concepts

Forest publishing  recordings ( Paris )

Marten Ingle sessions , Paris

Jazz4U concerts

Jam with David Bromberg ( Bob Dylan, Joan Baez )

Marten Ingle concert

UK gigs with singer Elkie Brooks : Leeds, Hull ( corporate )

Sheldon amps : Demos in Paris

Recording tracks with singer Kerry Tracey
check out her site on MySpace

Preparing tracks for Orion Studios , Ireland for Sky TV advert

Recording with Jak Bouniard

Emana CD recording mastered , also featuring fellow GIT alumini Yannick Roberts

Demos for Guitar Store , Devils Guitars , Sheldon and  Cornford Amplifiers



U.K concerts with legendary singer Elkie Brooks

Toit du monde charity gig at UNESCO with Jean Roussel and Laurent Roubach


Session : artist : Emana

11 November concert in Nantes with Jean Roussel , Steve Jones

Demos at Guitar Store , Paris


Elkie Brooks concert Portcawl , Wales , G.B

Mike and the X-Pats concert at the Paris-Prague Jazz Club
with Patrick Buchmann : drums , Emana : bass , Jak : Kbds
Interview and concert filmed by Czech television


DVD editing of the Rogmikenzo Calife concerts

11 /12 Jac concerts Calife , Paris at 23h
Jac : kbds , Roger Inniss : bass , Mambo Stix : drums Mike : gtr


Concerts with RogMikEnzo

' Le Calife '
Quai Malaquais, Paris

Mike : guitar
Enzo Todesco : drums
Roger Inniss : bass
Roger Inniss Website
Guest : Van Wilks : guitar
Van Wilks website

remerciements à la baguetterie


Al Hodge finaly lost his two year battle with cancer on the 6th of July 2006.

Elkie Brooks : Harlow U.K

Demos : Cornford , Sheldon amplifiers
Bare Knuckle pick ups


Jak Bouniard concerts Paris with :
Jak Bouniard : kbds
Matthieu Emana : Bass
Steve Sheahan : Perc
Mike C : guitar

Elkie Brooks : Redditch

Demos : Sheldon and Cornford amplifiers
and Bare knuckle pickups

Studio sessions : Jean Roussel


Elkie Brooks : Gainsborough

Demos : Cornford amplifiers
Bare knuckle pick ups


Sessions : Martin Ingle, Maryanna Matiss , Juju


Video for Sthac guitars


The Lounge tour with Jak ( South of France )

Sonny Diamond recording sessions ( contemporary reggae ) with producer Jean Roussel

Recording sessions with Sal Bernardi
Original  instrumental tracks on acoustic guitars.
Thanks to Oldies Guitars ( rue Victor Masse, Paris )for the the Gibson Country and Western.

Recording sessions : Jak


Jak gig at Paris Prague Jazz club with
Jak : keyboards, Emana : bass, Mambo Stix:Drums

Testing Lenny Kravitz's customised Gibson Flying V with Bareknuckle Mule Humbuckers

Recording  original instrumental tracks



Gig : Joe Allen's Paris

Studio aston  with Sacha

Elkie Brooks

Elkie Brooks : Monmontshire
Master Class : 16-29/07/2005
Flaine Haute Savoie ( Fr )
Monica Pasos , Allain Leprest, Roger Inniss , Jak Bouniard

Recording / composing at Ashton studios
Library music album with Sylvain Poge
Film music gig : Eurodisney
Gig : Joe Allen's Paris
June  18 Elkie Brooks Londres Barking The Broadway Theater

Elkie Brooks:vox , Mike Cahen: gtr, Jean Roussel:kbds , Brian Badhams:bs , Steve Jones:sax Lee Noble:bv

June 11 : Release of DVD 'Appearing at Sheperds Bush'
Elkie Brooks
Filmed at Sheperds Bush Empire, London
Musicians : Mike Cahen, Geoff Whitehorn : guitars.Mike Richardson :Drums.Brian Badhams :Bass.
Jean Roussel : Kbds.BVocals :Lee Noble and ?

Concert : Portes ouvertes aux Frigos ( Paris )avec Sacha

Concerts : Jac Bouniard , Marten Ingle , Marty Vickers

Elkie Brooks : Newcastle ( UK )
Elkie Brooks:vox , Mike Cahen: gtr, Jean Roussel:kbds , Brian Badhams:bs , Steve Jones:sax Lee Noble:bv

Sessions : Sacha


Elkie Brooks 2004 tour

Elkie Brooks,vox,Mike Cahen, Geoff Whitehorn:gtrs,Brian Badhams:bs,Mike Richardson:drms,Jean Roussel:kbds,Lee Noble:backing vox.

Note : Georges Muranyi(Van Morrison)kbds did the Truro gig.

DVD recording at The Shepards Bush Empire in May.
Blenheim Palace music festival with Barry Manilow.

Sessions :

Benjamin Zephaniah

(producer : Trevor Morais, with Alvin Lee, Jamie West-Oran and Phil Palmer :gtrs and Jean Roussel:Kbds , Aref Durvesh : perc )

John James Newman

Library music.
Jeanne Manson.
Jac Bouniard


Elkie Brooks 2003 tour

Elkie Brooks:vox,Mike Cahen:gtr,Jony Dyke:kbds,Mike Richardson:drms,Brian Badhams:bs

Sessions : Victor Lazlo, C.D Rock Tendences (library music) with Sylvain Poge for S.V productions.

Marten Ingle
Martin Ingle:bs/vox, Mike Cahen:gtr,Amaury Blanchard:drms

Showcase : Mike Cahen/Roger Inniss(Chaka Khan,Mick Taylor) at Oldies guitars, Paris

Concerts : Amanda Fahey at the Paris-Prague Jazz Club,Paris.
Amanda Fahey:vox,Mike Cahen:gtr,Roger Inniss:bs,Marty Vickers:drms

Jac Bouniard aux 'voutes'.
Jac Bouniard:piano,Mambo Stix:drms, Ken Dalluge:perc,Roger Inniss:bs.


Elkie Brooks Blues and the hits tour

Elkie Brooks:vox,Mike Cahen:gtr,Brian Badhams:bs,Mike Richardson:drms,Rosa Avila:drms,Tom Dostel:perc,Jony Dyke:kbds.

Chris Harling/Alexander O'Neal/Dionne Warwick tour :

Mike Cahen and Howie:gtr;Jaimie Little:drms,Peter Faint:kbds,Roger Inniss:bs.

Sessions : Film music : Vera
Composer : Jak Bouniard


Elkie Brooks Strange Fruit Tour :

Elkie Brooks:vx,Mike Cahen:gtr,Jony Dyke:kbds,Roger Inniss:bs,Mike Richardson: drms.

Sessions :

Suzie Quatro/Konk Studios London

Jean Roussel:kbds,Al Hodge,Mike Cahen,Len Tuckey:gtrs,Melvin Duffy:Pedal Steel,Suzie quatro:bs/vox,Dave Neal:drms.

El Cortijo Studios ,Marbella with Producer Trevor Morais:
Elkie Brooks

Elkie Brooks Tour 2000

Elkie Brooks:vx,Mike Cahen:gtr,Mike Richardson:drms,Jean Roussel:kbs/md,Jony Dyke:kbds,Roger Inniss:bs.
Elkie Brooks Unfinished business tour :

Elkie Brooks:vox,Mike Cahen/Al Hodge:gtrs,Jean Roussel:kbds,md,Brandon Christey-Fownes:kbds,Arnaud Frank:perc,Roger Inniss:bs.
Jean Roussel , Mike C
Mike C , Sal Bernardi

Mike and Al Hodge , Konk Studios, London...
La Baguetterie
Rog , Mike , Nicolas , Enzo at the Calife
Mike C , Enzo Todesco, Roger Inniss
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